There are a number of ways for teenagers to get involved at St. Simon’s.

Junior Youth: For Kids in Grades 6 to 8

Our Junior Youth meet every Sunday during the 10:00 a.m. service to enjoy a vibrant discussion group that deals with topics that are interesting and important to them.  Some of the activities the Junior Youth participate in are:

  • Outings such as Laser Tag, Glow-in-the-Dark Mini Putt, bowling, Blue Jays games, and Canada’s Wonderland
  • The annual Amazing Race event
  • Interfaith events with youth from other faith communities
  • Outreach work in the community, helping those most in need through activities such as 30-Hours for Poverty, making breakfast/dinner at Kerr Street Ministries, and taking food donations to food banks
  • Altar serving

Senior Youth: Grades 9 to 12

The Senior Youth are welcome to join in on any and all of the discussions and activities that the Junior Youth participate in.  Some other events during the year are:

  • Every other year, youth are invited participate in the Mission Trip to Belize.
  • Senior Youth are included in many social and leadership activities in the parish and in the diocese, through programs such as Niagara Youth Synod, the Niagara Youth Conference and the Youth Leadership Training Program.
  • Those who seek to deepen their spirituality are invited to participate in confirmation preparation sessions, and to confirm their faith with their peers.


The Christian practice of Confirmation a time for those in grade 9 and up to have a guided discussion around issues of faith that are important to young people.

Along with exploring the basics of what we believe, we also talk about how to relate to people of different faiths, how to relate to people around us, and why there is evil and suffering in the world. This is a year-long program of substance, grounded in a fun and interactive learning style.

Mission Trips

In the summers of 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, and 2019 St. Simon’s led mission trips to Holy Cross Anglican School in Belize. For more information about the school, please go to

We feel the mission trip is a time of partnership with our youth and with the people of Holy Cross. The goal for our mission trips is to show the love of Christ in practical ways that make tangible differences in people’s lives. Our aim is also to allow God to work in us through the residents and workers of Holy Cross, so that together we can be God’s hands in our world.

30-Hours for Poverty

St. Simon’s puts on the 30-Hours for Poverty program every April.  It usually runs from 1:00 p.m. on a Friday to 6:00 p.m. Saturday.  St. Simon’s has been holding this program for several years.  We feel it is important for our Youth to be exposed to social justice initiatives, as it will give them an insight into how other people live, especially in our own community.

While we eat full meals, they will not be fancy. We will eat as if we received food from a food bank.  Participants bring their sleeping bag and pillow (you will be sleeping on the floor), a change of clothing, and toiletries. Please avoid bringing any electronic devices (iPods, tablets, laptops, mobile phones).

St. Simon’s also supports the initiatives of the Diocese of Niagara’s Youth Ministry and encourages youth and their parents to explore Generation, the voice of Canadian Anglican Youth Ministry since June 2006.