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Re-opening Sunday Sept 20 – limited to 50 people – You must pre-register

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In Person Indoor Sunday Worship to start Sunday September 20, at 9:30am

We have been given the approval by the Diocese of Niagara to proceed with one indoor, in-person service on Sundays at St. Simon’s at 9:30am.

Here are some of the things required to help protect all of us. These requirements are based on resources provided by the Public Health Agency of Canada, Public Health Ontario and Ecclesiastical Insurance, and based upon provincial directives and best practices at the time of writing:


Prior to the service:

  • You are required to preregister for the service, by Saturday at 5pm. Email and provide your phone number along with the names of all attending from your household. Alternatively you can phone St. Simon’s at (905) 845-8351 and leave a message with the same information. We will be cutting off registration once we have reached 50 people.
  • Upon arriving at church, all people will be required to enter only by the west end doors (nearest Trafalgar) to aid with traffic flow and social distancing.
  • You are required to maintain social distancing (2m apart) with people outside your bubble once you leave your car and until you return to your car after the service.
  • All people after leaving their car, except children under 2, must wear a mask at all times.
  • You will be asked a series of questions before entering the church to determine whether you are feeling well. (temperature, cough, sore throat, etc.). If you answer yes to any of these COVID-19 symptoms you cannot enter the church and will be asked to return to your car.
  • You will be required to sanitize your hands with the sanitizer provided, prior to entering the church.
  • You will be directed to a seat by the side’s person and seating will be 2m apart between families or bubbles.


Building Requirements

  • Prior to worship the worship space will have been cleaned and disinfected.
  • Pews and floor spaces will be marked to indicate proper social distancing (2m)
  • Offering plates will be placed at the entry and exit doors to the Sanctuary.
  • With the exception of washrooms, participants are prevented from entering any other areas of the building.
  • Sides-persons will provide directions. If you are in doubt, please ask the sides-person.


Service Requirements

  • There will be no more than 50 people present.
  • There will be no separate Children’s Program.
  • There will be no singing.


  • The peace will be exchanged in a non-physical manner, (the peace sign, a nod, a wave, etc.)
  • Please bring a small bottle of hand sanitizer with you to sanitize your hands before and after receiving the consecrated host. Hand sanitizer dispensers will be available in the Sanctuary if you do not bring your own.
  • Communion will be received as bread only and must be consumed after leaving the single communion station, when at least 2m away from the priest as indicated by floor markings.
  • Communion will be delivered one side of the congregation at a time maintaining a single direction flow down the aisle towards the altar and returning down the side aisles.


Following the service

  • All must leave the church, maintaining social distancing, by the side doors off the front of the church. (The only exception is people with mobility issues who cannot manage the stairs. They must remain in their seats until others have left and then will be assisted by a sides person to leave by the accessibility exit at the back of the church).
  • There will be no “coffee time” nor will food or beverages be served.
  • Please sanitize your hands again upon exiting the building. Your safety is paramount.
  • People are asked not to gather and chat, but rather to proceed to their cars and safely leave the parking lot.


Nothing we do throughout this time is more important than caring for the health and welfare of others, especially those more vulnerable than ourselves.


For those of you unable or not comfortable with attending in person worship, our Wednesday Morning Prayer service will be available on YouTube as it has each week since March. You can also watch the Bishop’s service on Sundays at 2pm on Facebook.