During the pandemic all our children’s activities are virtual.  Previous lessons are posted here, please send an email to sundayschool@stsimon.ca to receive future lessons directly to your inbox.


Currently, because of COVID-19 our Nursery program is not available.

Prior to COVID St. Simon’s nursery, for infants to preschoolers, was staffed by one of our many youth members each Sunday during the morning. service.  The nursery is located downstairs, next to MacKay Hall.  We welcomed newcomers and regulars alike.

Parents were encouraged to drop their children off before the service begins and  asked that they collect them just before communion, allowing our nursery staff the opportunity to participate in communion along with the rest of the parish.

Sunday School

Prior to the COVID pandemic, St. Simon’s had an active children’s program.  We are currently rebuilding that program.  If you have a child that would be interested in participating please contact our office by email at admin@stsimon.ca


The children of St. Simon’s, ages 4-10, meet in the church hall downstairs for Sunday School immediately following the Rector’s Children’s Focus talk. We employ a rotational model where each lesson is taught over three or four Sundays using different storytelling techniques including DVDs, books, puppet shows, and skits.

We follow a program which will encompass all the highlights of the Bible over a period of six years, alternating each year from the Old to New Testaments. Sunday School engages the children with stories, games, songs, and crafts. The children return to church during the Offeratory hymn and participate in the Eucharist with their parents/caregivers. During COVID-19, our Sunday School lessons are online here.

Each year, we present a Christmas Pageant to the congregation the Sunday before Christmas and get together occasionally for other events to get to know each other and to strengthen our faith together. At certain times during the year, the Rector will lead a Children’s Eucharist during Sunday School where the children are encouraged to participate and ask any questions they may have.

Communion Preparation

Communion preparation and instruction are available to anyone at St. Simon’s who seeks to receive the sacrament of the Eucharist.  Each year, St. Simon’s offers a 3-4 week program called “Life in the Eucharist” to children of the parish usually between the ages of 7 and 9.  The purpose of the program is to offer children the opportunity to better understand what they are doing during the celebration of Holy Communion, and why they are partaking in this sacrament.  The outcome of the format offered is that all participants, including the leader, learn something from the interactions during the sessions.

For more information, please contact the church office.