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Welcome to St. Simon’s Anglican Church!

We are re-opening with one indoor, in-person service on Sundays at St. Simon’s at 9:30am.

  • You are required to preregister for Sunday service, by Saturday at 5pm.
  • Email admin@stsimon.ca and provide your phone number along with the names of all attending from your household. Alternatively you can phone St. Simon’s at (905) 845-8351 and leave a message with the same information. We will be cutting off registration once we have reached 50 people.
  • See our events page for additional details
  • You can watch our Wednesday services on YouTube.  Just visit our sermons page.

Ministry Team

Who's who at St. Simon's? Click on a name below for a biography:

The Rev. Brian Galligan


Brian immigrated to Canada from England in 1979 and his first career in Biomedical Sciences; saw him working in a number of hospital and private laboratory settings in the UK, Canada and Saudi Arabia. In the field of Transfusion Medicine he has lectured internationally, served as an advanced level examiner and conducted research, most recently in the area of stem cell transplantation.

He was married to Karen in 2005 and they have 3 sons by his previous marriage. A life-long Anglican, he responded to a call to ordained ministry in 2006 and graduated from Trinity College, Toronto in 2009. He was ordained Deacon in June 2009 and his first appointment was as Deacon-in-Charge at St. Matthias in Guelph. He was subsequently ordained Priest in January 2010 and appointed full-time Rector of St. Alban the Martyr, Acton. In November 2011 he finally retired from being Director, Quality & Regulatory affairs of the stem cell program and in June 2016, he retired from full-time parish ministry.

Since then he has served as Interim Pastor at Grace Church Milton and at St. Luke’s, Palermo. He is currently serving at St. Simon’s in Oakville as Priest in Charge and is also the Spiritual Director of the Diocese of Niagara and Huron Anglican Cursillo Movements.

In their “spare” time, Brian and Karen escort tours for Craig Travel to many destinations throughout the world, with Brian now having completed 10 trips to the Holy Land.

The Rev. Robert George Gardner

Honorary Assistant

Father Bob comes to us from Jamaica where he grew up and was trained at St. Peters Theological College at Cross Roads in Jamaica. Bob was made a Deacon in October 1948 and was ordained Priest on June 19th, 1949 at the Cathedral Church of St. Jago de la Vega in Spanish Town, Jamaica.

Bob served at Christ Church, Vineyard Town and was also an Assistant Curate at St. Luke's Church, Cross Roads before serving as Rector of the combined parishes of Balaclava, Keynsham and Siloah with five mission churches.

He came to Montreal in 1953 and served for a while as an honourary assistant at St. Stephen's Church in Lachine, Quebec. Later, Bob came to Ontario where he served as Assistant Curate at St. James Church, in Guelph before becoming Rector at St. Philip-by-the–Lake in Grimsby. He then went on to become Rector of St. John the Divine, Cayuga and St. John's, York from which he retired in 1990.
In retirement, Bob has served as Honourary Assistant here at St. Simon's and is also a member of our Senior Choir with his wife, Gloria.

Jeffrey Jones

Music Director


Parish Administrator

Mrs. Janine Maxwell

Children's Ministry

Janine grew up in Niagara Falls and was educated in Toronto where she worked as a Medical Microbiology Technologist before ``retiring`` after her third child was born.
Janine has been involved with children’s ministry for over 17 years now (Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, and Youth mission trips), and is currently our Sunday School Coordinator.

Janine and her husband, Troy, made Oakville their home for almost 20 years with their three children before recently moving to the Port Credit area of Mississauga.

Ms. Robyn Michell

Youth Ministry

Robyn has been working with St. Simon's Youth for many years now and has created a wonderful program for our boys and girls in grades 6-12. In addition, she has helped to lead all four mission trips to Belize and will do so again for our fifth mission trip in July of 2017.

Robyn has worked in the field of education for over 30 years and currently works with people who required extra attention and support.

She is interested in social justice issues, feels it's important to give back to others, and will try to accomplish this whenever possible. She also likes to ski and to enjoy the outdoors.

Robyn believes that our youth are our future.

To be caring people, committed to building community, growing with God and serving the world through Christ's example.

St. Simon's Vision

The History of St. Simon’s Oakville (1955 – Present)

In 1954, Canon Jackson of St. Jude’s Church, Oakville, attended a meeting with eight other people to decide if another Anglican Church could be established in the Upper Middle Road and Sixth Line area. They all decided that such an undertaking would serve this community well.

Munn’s Public School had just been completed and its auditorium, equipped with its own piano, became the foundation of St. Simon’s Church and the beginning of the Mission of St. Simon’s.

An orange crate served as our first altar until Jean Bougard, one of the parishioners, carved a new altar out of wood and donated it to the church in memory of his mother.

The congregation of St. Jude’s contributed lots of inspiration and advice as well as many start-up items such as a brass cross and some candlesticks. That cross, wooden altar, and candlesticks are presently still being used at the Lifecare Centre in Oakville.

The local grocer volunteered to buy the prayer books that could not have been purchased otherwise.

Canon Smith, a retired clergyman, and some other clergy from the surrounding area, administered Holy Communion about once a month. It was Canon Smith who gave St. Simon’s our inaugural Lectern Bible. All the other services were either morning or evening prayer celebrations led by a theological student who was one of the original eight people at the initial meeting with Canon Jackson.

The Mission of St. Simon’s was then moved from Munn’s Public School to two small portable buildings by Canon Rigby, who at that time administered the church funds for the Diocese. These portable buildings are still used by the Rod and Gun Club of Oakville. It was about this time that the Mission of St. Simons’s amalgamated with St. Luke’s Anglican in Palermo. Our clergy now had a two-point parish to look after, St. Simon’s was considered a suburban congregation and St. Luke’s a rural community. St. Simon’s had the 9:30 a.m. service, and St. Luke’s the 11:00 a.m. service so everyone could get their chores done in the morning before church. This partnership was to continue for the next seventeen years. Our church continued to evolve.

By 1962, the congregation had grown to 142 households and in 1963 a campaign was initiated to encourage support for the building of a permanent church. In 1964, plans for this building were developed and construction of St. Simon’s was completed in 1967. This building was located at the comer of Sixth Line and Culham Street in Oakville.

It was not until June 8th, 1975 that St. Simon’s finally became an independent church. The Mission, and partnership with St. Luke’s ended.

St. Simon’s stayed in the Sixth Line church until April 17th, 1988 when the congregation moved to its present building, off Trafalgar Rd., across the street from Sheridan College. In its time at its present site, St. Simon’s has grown to more than 330 households and two services – a traditional 8:15 a.m. service and a blended-style of worship at 10 a.m. Presently St. Simon’s is known for its dedication to outreach at the local, national, and international levels; its accessible worship; and for its diverse congregation.